Waterpark FAQs

When does the Water Park open?
Can I bring my infant float in to the waterpark?
I bought a ticket online. Can change my date?
Do you offer combined tickets to waterpark and tubing?
How do I make a claim on the ticket Insurance I purchased?
Do you offer a military discount?
Can I leave the waterpark and come back?
What do we do if it starts raining at the Park?
Do you have Changing Rooms at the WaterPark?
Are lockers available?
Do you give refunds?
Do guests have to sign a Wavier?
Do you accept Checks?
What forms of payment do you accept?
Do you offer season passes?
What are the operating hours for the waterpark?
Are there lifeguards at the Water Park?
Is food available at the park?
Do you give rain check if it starts raining after we sign in?
Is there a height restriction on the slides?
What happens if I’m at the top of the slides and my child isn’t 42”?
Is there a weight limit on the slides?
Can I wear shoes in the Park?
Can I wear denim shorts or cut off shorts?
Is there a charge for swimmer diaper and cover?
Do we have to pay if we aren’t going to be in the water?
Can we bring food & drink in the water park?
Are dogs allowed in the water park?
Can we smoke in the Park?