Waterpark FAQs

Waterpark FAQs2021-04-28T17:06:28-04:00
When does the Water Park open?2021-04-28T16:49:26-04:00

Memorial Day- Labor Day

What are the hours?2021-04-28T16:49:44-04:00

We open 7 days a week 10am-6pm

Do we let dogs in the Water Park?2021-04-28T16:50:06-04:00


Do we accept credit cards?2021-04-28T16:50:42-04:00


Do we accept Checks?2021-04-28T16:50:44-04:00


Can we bring outside food inside the park?2021-04-28T16:51:08-04:00


Do we have to pay if we aren’t going to be in the water?2021-04-28T16:51:47-04:00

Yes , but we have a pavilion for you to hang out if you like at no charge.

Can I wear shoes in the Park?2021-04-28T16:51:41-04:00

Only water shoes.

Can I wear denim shorts or cut off shorts?2021-04-28T16:52:04-04:00

No, only swimming attire.

Is there a weight limit on the slides?2021-04-28T16:52:26-04:00

Yes, 250 pounds

Is there a height restriction on the slides?2021-04-28T16:52:40-04:00

Yes, 42”

What happens if I’m at the top of the slides and my child isn’t 42”?2021-04-28T16:52:53-04:00

You will have to go back down the steps, no exceptions

Do we have lockers?2021-05-03T09:23:10-04:00


Do we have lifeguards at the Water Park?2021-04-28T16:53:58-04:00

Yes, We have certified lifeguards

Do we have food?2021-04-28T16:54:15-04:00

Yes, We have a full service Concession Stand

Do we have Changing Rooms?2021-04-28T16:54:33-04:00


Do I have to sign a Wavier ?2021-04-28T16:55:16-04:00

Yes, If your under 18 you can download the waiver here and bring with you.

What do we do if it starts raining?2021-04-28T16:55:33-04:00

We are open rain or shine . If we call you out of the water we keep you out 30 min. after the last thundering. We will announce when you can return back to the water

Do we give refunds?2021-04-28T16:55:47-04:00


Do we give rain check if it starts raining after we sign in?2021-04-28T16:56:09-04:00

No we are open rain or shine. State Law requires that we pull everyone out of the water while it is thundering and lightening.

Is there a charge for swimmer diaper and cover?2021-04-28T16:56:28-04:00

Yes We sell them in the gift shop

Do we offer season passes?2021-04-28T16:56:38-04:00


Can we smoke in the Park?2021-04-28T16:57:02-04:00

No, we have designated area for smoking