Tubing FAQs

Tubing FAQs2021-04-28T17:06:23-04:00
Do I need a reservation?2021-04-28T16:18:30-04:00

Only if your group is 20 + One person pays for the whole and is responsible for the group. You will be responsible for listing ALL their names and information needed on the waiver. You can call 706-809-9393

Do we accept Checks?2021-04-28T16:18:55-04:00

We only accept Major Credit Cards

Are we open for the Season?2021-04-28T16:20:23-04:00

Our Season is Memorial Day-Labor Day

What are our Hours for Tubing?2021-04-28T16:20:41-04:00

Tubing Hours 9a.m.-5p.m. 7 Days a Week weather permitting .Tubing may have to close earlier on holidays and weekend due to high volume of customers .

Can I bring a dog?2021-04-28T16:21:06-04:00

Yes , Dogs are allowed . Please bring a towel for the tube that way the dog doesn’t puncture the tube

Can Dogs ride the bus?2021-04-28T16:21:37-04:00


Do we have lockers?2021-05-03T09:23:49-04:00

Yes, we have lockers at all locations.

Can we connect the tubes?2021-04-28T16:22:56-04:00

Yes we only recommend connecting 2 tubes together for safety. The river is rocky and when more than 2 are connected you get tangled up in the rocks.

Is the river Deep?2021-04-28T16:23:08-04:00

Yes, It is over your head in spots so if you can’t swim wear a life vest.

Do I need to know how to swim?2021-04-28T16:23:25-04:00

If you can’t swim wear the life vest. We provide those for free. They are available when you get your tube.

What age has to wear the life vest ?2021-04-28T16:23:37-04:00

13 year of age and under have to wear the vest IT’S The LAW

Can we have a picnic?2021-04-28T16:47:52-04:00

We have picnic tables @ both our tubing location. First come first serve basic.

Is parking Free?2021-04-28T16:24:26-04:00

Parking is free at All our Locations

Is parking Free across from Wild Hog BBQ?2021-05-14T17:21:28-04:00

No, that parking lot charges on weekends, Holiday, and special events

Do we have Changing Rooms?2021-04-28T16:26:57-04:00


Do I have to sign a wavier?2021-04-28T16:26:51-04:00

Yes If your under 18 years old an adult has to sign you in or download the waiver off the web site and bring with you

Is there a waiver online?2021-04-28T16:38:12-04:00
Will I get wet?2021-04-28T16:29:08-04:00


What if it rains?2021-04-28T16:29:29-04:00

We are open rain or shine weather permitting

What if it storms and I’m on the river?2021-04-28T16:29:42-04:00

Get out of your tube and get to the nearest road and our bus will pick you up.

Are there restrooms on the river?2021-04-28T16:30:06-04:00

No Use the restrooms facilities before you get in the river.

Can I bring a Cooler?2021-04-28T16:30:19-04:00

No, you can take a 32 oz. plastic drink container per person.

Can I bring Alcohol?2021-04-28T16:30:46-04:00

No, alcohol is not permitted.

Can I wear flip flops tubing?2021-04-28T16:41:39-04:00

No they are not allowed. We recommended watershoes or tennis shoes

Can I bring my own life vest?2021-04-28T16:31:22-04:00

Yes, as long as it is U.S. Coast Guard approved

Can I bring my own tube?2021-04-28T16:41:24-04:00


Can you transport my tube on the bus?2021-04-28T16:32:39-04:00


Is there a life guard on duty?2021-04-28T16:33:00-04:00

No, not on the river

What if I lose my ticket before I get my tube?2021-04-28T16:33:20-04:00

You will have to go back and purchase another one

What ages can tube?2021-05-03T09:25:24-04:00

Ages 3 and up

What can I take tubing?2021-04-28T16:34:36-04:00


Does it cost to ride the bus?2021-04-28T16:34:50-04:00

No Buses are Free to customers

What do we recommend taking with us tubing?2021-04-28T16:35:23-04:00

We recommend Water Shoes and Push Off Sticks